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A View SOLD 20 x 24 This is one of my early paintings of Imps in the trees. Both trees and the female form are very inspiring, so putting them together in a painting is a great combination for me.
Afternoon Snack    24x24.
Afternoon Snack 24x24.
BBQ Chicken
BBQ Chicken Yumm, BBQ Chicken!
Bear.      36x60     Acrylic :Board   Vince Vandurme
Bear. 36x60 Acrylic :Board Vince Vandurme
Blood Shot 12x24
Blood Shot 12x24 Vampire's night out.
Blue Eye.   12x32    Acrylic
Blue Eye. 12x32 Acrylic Big skull with a Vinnie eye ball.
Box Beetle.
Box Beetle.
Box Beetle.  12x12x6   Acrylic
Box Beetle. 12x12x6 Acrylic Another box canvas that was totally fun to work on. The mechanical beetle with barbed wire arms was an inspiration for the possibilities for other mechanical critters.
Bride of Frank
Bride of Frank This is the other half or the "Frank" set by Vince Vandurme, that was given to my daughter for X-Mass
Brook   Acrylic    36x36  SOLD
Brook Acrylic 36x36 SOLD Isn't that beautiful? One of my new favourites. Almost as good as apple pie.
Busy Bee
Busy Bee 20 x 24 – SOLD While in my garden one summer I was watching the bees in the flowers and took on the challenge to paint one. It wasn’t easy but it was fun.
Chatter  Acrylic   11x14
Chatter Acrylic 11x14
Cheshire 24x24
Cheshire 24x24 Got to love the Cheshire!!!
Chilling   20x40.    SOLD
Chilling 20x40. SOLD Trout are so popular in Alberta that I had to paint a few of them.
Chilly Morning     24x24   Acrylic :Board
Chilly Morning 24x24 Acrylic :Board Vince Vandurme
Cog-Needo  Arylic     11x14
Cog-Needo Arylic 11x14 This is something I wanted to paint for quit a wile but never got around to. I've always been fascinated with the "Steampunk" look, and I sure do like painting this stuff.
Vince Vandurme is a native Calgarian self taught artist who is very versitile and comfortable in many mediums. When Vince is not painting you can find him tending to Bonsai Trees and Orchids.
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Location Calgary, Alberta

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