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TBS Boxes
TBS Boxes These were commissioned by the City of Calgary in 2010.
Thunder Industries
Thunder Industries Yet another fun job! When I was almost done painting the train there were a few people that had to step back from the wall for the fear of falling off the ledge. That is my most favorite part about painting murals is the “wow” reaction from people when they see it for the first time. That’s when you know it’s a job well done, or it needs more work.
Point of View
Point of View This was once again a fun job to do. Point of View was or is the video store, Post office, and ice cream / gelato store in the town of Irricana. It has since changed hands and I do not know what is sold there now. At the time of my painting the store, it was a little bit of a challenge to incorporate all the aspects of the store. We did decide on doing cut away of a street seen to the inside of a post office, to an old movie theater. There were also some grain elevators and a train from year gone by, with an old filmstrip as a divider for the sales counter. It was very cool!
Vince Vandurme is a native Calgarian self taught artist who is very versitile and comfortable in many mediums. When Vince is not painting you can find him tending to Bonsai Trees and Orchids.
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