Airbrush Level 1

The Workshop was great fun!!! I had a bast teaching level 1.

Level 1 will be having another workshop as soon as we can fill the openings. So hurry up and book your spot.

Level 2 is ready to go for Mar. 3 2013.

Learn some quick tricks to airbrushing with Vince Vandurme in Level 2 Airbrushing.

In this workshop we will be covering; how to create depth and dimension, masking techniques, using stencils, colour fades, colour mixing tips and lots more fun stuff to help you on your way be becoming a great airbrush artist.

Must have an airbrush, all the rest is supplied.






Teaching Airbrush

One of the question I get asked most when I'm doing a mural that's in the publics eye is;

"Do you teach any classes on how to use an airbrush?"

Well I an pleased to tell you that in January 2013 I will be teaching a 3 hour workshop @ Swinton's Art Supply in Calgary, that does just that.

Here is the link:

Swinton's Art Supply, Instruction & Framing
Address - 7160 Fisher Street S.E. Calgary AB
403.258.3500  ||

Fun Time at Essentia

A simple picture of me (Vince Vandurme) and a couple of my paintings at the Essentia Show.

 Time is running out to go take a look at the paintings on the wall. I go to pick them up the morning of Sep. 6/12.

Thank you to all the people and guests who did come out look at my work.

Hope to see you at my next event.

Vince  his pix


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