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Vince Vandurme founded Artguyvince Inc. in 2005. It started as a mural/ art oriented company. How ever word got out that I (Vince) have done stucco and stone veneer in the past. So with little hesitation the company expanded in that direction to suit the needs of its clients. Mural and art are still a strong part of Artguyvince and I enjoy doing every one of them.

I, Vince Vandurme am native to Calgary and have lived here most of my life. I am self-taught and have always been artistically inclined. In elementary school I was in a case study for gifted children, which I believe gave me the motivation to be involved in Art later on. Although it is only in the last eight to ten years I have pursued it on a more professional level.

Working in construction for a good part of my life I am well aware of construction schedules and how important a budget is to a project. Artguyvince Inc. is insured for the requirements of most commercial and residential jobs, has WCB / GST numbers, owns scaffolding, and a reliable vehicle.

Vince Vandurme is a native Calgarian self taught artist who is very versitile and comfortable in many mediums. When Vince is not painting you can find him tending to Bonsai Trees and Orchids.
Contact Information 403.703.1579
Location Calgary, Alberta

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