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Something Fun from the Archives.

Wally Acrylic 30x40

My Grandfather told me one time; "Paint what you know, and what you like. " Well Grandpa, I dedicate this one to you.

Got My Back 36x60

Walleyes are my favourite fish!!! They look fantastic and they taste even better.

Celtic Blossom

Watercolor & Ink – 18 X 24

Mens-@ Locac Eatery 310 8Ave SW Calgary

Local Pourhouse located - 310 8 Ave SW Calgary, is a Super Cool Place to hang out and have some eats and drinks. I did the cement finish down stairs and in the washrooms, and is well worth the trip down town to go check it out.

The Birth of a Train

Vince's artwork brings the lobby of Excelsior Engineering to life.

Sharimiki Imp

36 x 36 Both trees and the female form are very inspiring, so putting them together in a painting is a great combination for me. The tree is bonsai inspired, with dead wood and live wood on the same tree. There is a word for that, it is Sharimiki.

Horn Chalice

11 x 4 x 8 – Bison horn, wolf fur and claws, Polar bear claws, and turquoies gem stones – Gift for my little brother.

Brook Acrylic 36x36 SOLD

Isn't that beautiful? One of my new favourites. Almost as good as apple pie.


"You have a Great Idea in Mind"

Vince needs to take that idea that you have and bring it to life, the way you imagined


"Every project starts with a Design"

Vince will now present his vision of the concept that you had.


"The Magic Starts to Happen"

The thrill now starts to happen as you see the vision come together in full amazing colour and depth.

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Vince Vandurme is a native Calgarian self taught artist who is very versitile and comfortable in many mediums. When Vince is not painting you can find him tending to Bonsai Trees and Orchids.
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